City of Adelaide 'Free Rates for Five Years'


What is the new owner-occupier rebate? Council will provide eligible owner-occupiers a rebate of their general council rates to a maximum period of 5 years (NRM Levy to be paid by owner-occupier).

Who is eligible? Purchasers of newly developed residential apartment within the City of Adelaide council area where:

1. The purchase contract is signed between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2019 for a: a. New ‘Off- the plan’ apartment ; or

b. Newly redeveloped apartment, adaptively re-used from existing C and D grade rated commercial building stock; and 2. You will occupy the property as your primary place of residence within six months of contract settlement.

What is the effective period? The rate free period commences from the date you commence occupancy, for a period of five years subject to ongoing eligibility being met.

Will the rate free period commence automatically? No, you must complete an application and declaration form and provide the required information. A letter will be emailed to you confirming if you have qualified and the commencement date of the rate free period.

What happens if I am eligible for a Pensioner or Self-Funded Retiree remission as well as being an eligible owner-occupier? The rebate will reduce the general rates to nil after any remissions have been applied.

What if I stop living at the property? Your rebate eligibility ceases from the day you move out.

Can I get the rebate if I rent the property to someone? No, the rebate is only applicable while you own and occupy the premises, once you cease occupation your eligibility ceases.

Will I automatically obtain the rebate in subsequent financial years? No, you will be required to confirm you intend to continue to occupy the property by submitting a new declaration. A request will be sent out by council before the end of the financial year for the coming year.

If I sell my property, will the rebate continue with the next owner-occupier? No, the rebate will cease once you are no longer an owner and occupier.

How do I register my interest? Online via the City of Adelaide website or by calling our Customer Centre on 8203 7203.

How and when do I apply for a rebate and what information will be required? Detailed information on how to apply will be provided to those who register their interest via the City of Adelaide website.

How does this relate to the State Government Concession? This rebate is stand alone and is not subject to qualifying for a state government concession.

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